Bonnie Neil HabitBonnie has an eclectic background that includes the study and practice of Meditation, Astrology, Tarot, Tai chi, Yoga, Reiki, and many other forms of personal enhancement. All of this has been beneficial in the growing process of who she is as a human being and as an expanding seeker.

She has been a practicing channel for over twenty years, sharing the information that comes through for the benefit and growth of those who are ready for help on their own personal journey. Bonnie’s channeling has now developed into a much broader and deeper form of communication with leading-edge consciousness. Her process today differs in that she is ‘becoming’ Source Energy while still in physical form. She IS energetically omnipresent. And is in the process of trying to catch up with that level of conscious energy while still maintaining herself as a human being

Every day is a new hurdle to overcome and a very special gift.

Bonnie co-authored, with her same-soul friend Beverly Munchel-Kievit, the inspirational Creative Transformation Card deck. This deck is helpful in developing one’s personal connection to the non-physical and enhancing personal growth, along with giving valuable advice to any question asked.

Bonnie currently resides in York, Pa. with her five cats. Lily, Sallie Lou, Jack, Rako and Betty White.