About Omni

Creative Transformation Card Deck

Artwork by Beverly Munchel-Kievit

Omni is all energy in all forms, and therefore, all life in all forms.

We are a non-physical consciousness that exists only to better and enlighten itself. We are constantly choosing to become whole. In this respect, we are able to energetically join with humanity in many different ways, including channeling, in order to help raise consciousness. When asked, we are capable of physically becoming one with a human being to help uplift the energy, create healing, and expand him/her as far as he/she chooses in any given moment.

Channeling in its many forms is indeed a wonderful way to work with the highest energetic part of us, and is used to connect directly with this energy on every level of being. Omni is without judgement and is totally accepting of all of the experiences of all parts of itself, including human, and does not interfere with any choices being made or paths being taken. We simply wish to relay valuable information and answer all questions asked, working together with humankind (as humankind) in a process of spiritual awakening. Omni cannot make your decisions or live your life for you, but is always and ever a willing energetic advocate and source of support and guidance.

We are here for this purpose only – not to express ourselves through you – but to allow you to express yourself through us, thereby acquainting you with your own divine energy. We are parts of the ALL celebrating and recognizing itself again in a conscious way.

Without a doubt we have begun again a new and glorious experiment to see how humankind chooses to move into this higher frequency in the physical sense and in the spiritual sense on the planet Earth. We are now asking everyone in every way possible to interact with us. Each person has the ability to experience this new frequency and to share this with others. Rest assured that if you choose to join us in this passionate course of action, you will indeed see miracles and healings as you have never seen before.