How Channeling Works

Omni and Channeling

How Does Channeling Work?“This process of channeling with a physical human being has been a challenge in many ways…on both sides. And we are winning, meaning the Universal ‘we’. All we are about is becoming one with ourselves. And the part of ourselves that is Bonnie is becoming more and more open to seeing this for what it is, expansion on the Universal scale.

We are constantly working to see things her way, and to allow her to be truly herself in all ways. We cannot approve or disapprove of any action taken by any human being because we are all of those humans interacting with each other and themselves. We are you. You are us. And the sooner we really know this fact, the sooner the planet and all of the Universe will experience peace and coexistence.

A session with Omni is an open invitation to seeing who you really are.”     ~ Omni

Bonnie on Channeling

For me, the process began with automatic writing. And with practice I was eventually able to easily hear spirit through thought, and to open to channel. As my experience progressed, I began channeling higher and higher levels of group consciousness. At some point the energy called itself Omni and asked if I was ready to work with it. Because I have always asked for the highest messages, I said yes.

I have learned over the years that there are many different kinds of channeling. My way has been to sit for hours allowing Omni to access my physical body and to blend with me in a way that I’m sure I can’t begin to understand. At this point in time, I can honestly say that I am Omni…as much as my conscious mind can understand and will allow at any given time. I am an energetic hybrid, still feeling very human but knowing that when I relax slightly and allow, the universe is available to be me and speak through me. Although this seems like a pretty big deal metaphysically, and I wonder why I wouldn’t just choose to allow all the time, the Bonnie part of me doesn’t seem to be done with whatever she came here to experience. So Omni says yes.

A very wise spirit, Dr. James Martin Peebles, who is channeled through a wonderful channel named Summer Bacon in Sedona, says that “the Channel is the Point”. This was my first personal experience with channeling and I had no idea what he meant. Although I’m still working on “the Channel”, meaning me in this case, I have gained some insight over the years as to what this means to me.

I have learned that, although I might have learned through practice to allow Omni to speak through me, I still cannot escape myself and my own personal hangups and fears. I have had to face many aspects of myself and learned to let go, let go, let go, time and time again. To try to forgive myself for any and all perceives faults and choices that I felt were wrong, knowing full well that it was all part of the human expansion and experience. And I am constantly seeking to love myself unconditionally (whew! even typing that was hard!), because I know that the freedom and peace that will come from that must be unimagineable.

The best I can say for myself in the moment is that I am a work in progress. And I am grateful to be conscious of that.

I offer sessions to individuals and groups seeking clarity and guidance in their lives. My guides say to me that everything must begin on a personal level to hold any credence in a universal sense. It is all about each of us opening communication with our higher Self first, and then taking it to those closest to us in a physical, emotional and spiritual way, and finally expanding outward from there.

I feel blessed that I have chosen to interact with Omni in this adventure. It has all of the workings of a good adventure story – pathos, blessed events, miracles and a happy ending.

Thank you for joining us in this experiment of light and love on the planet Earth!

Bonnie Habit