Channeling Sessions

Artwork by Judeth Pekula Hawkins

Readings consist of a dialogue between you and Omni. Having a dialogue with Omni is a gift on many levels. They always speak to your questions in a direct way, allowing and encouraging you to see the bigger picture in the situation and in your life. You will receive as much information as you are capable of comfortably using at the time, in the best way for you to relate to your issues and to benefit from their counseling.

You also receive an energy treatment that is tailored to help you begin releasing or healing yourself in a physical, emotional, spiritual, or energetic way. This will often take the immediate form of noticing that you just ‘feel better’.

Private Sessions (for one person) are $95.00 and are approximately 45-60 minutes long.

Phone Sessions are $95.00. A prearranged time is scheduled for you to place the call.

To schedule a session or get more information, please call Bonnie @ 717-880-5747 or email her by filling out the Contact Form.