“To find a good trance channel is rare. It takes a special soul, a highly refined vibration, to allow higher entities into one’s personal energy field in a loving effort to help others. Bonnie Neill Habit is one such being. I have taught nearly one thousand people to open their psychic abilities, and all have done very well. However, what Bonnie does is far beyond my ability to teach or do, even with twenty-three years experience and more than 20,000 readings behind me.

What is rare about her? A number of things:

Retained innocence: a quality you rarely find in anyone over 4 years old.

An immaculate, clear, ego-free, unbiased channel of pure light and love.

Trustworthiness: each and every person, each and every question, is treated with the utmost respect and a balance of reverence and humor as appropriate.

Bonnie is a reader’s reader…a healer’s healer. If you are drawn to have a session with Bonnie, then I urge you to step up for a gentle, honest, caring appraisal of you and your life, and allow yourself to be treated to a transformative, healing and joy-filled experience.”

Linda Schiller-Hanna
Psychic Counselor, Medina Ohio
Referred by the Edgar Cayce Foundation

“The messages from OMNI are always gentle and so very encouraging. Yet the words are direct and easy to understand. They do not speak in riddles. I find I am comforted when Omni speaks to me. If I had been anxious at the time, I feel much more relaxed and in control after receiving their messages through the channel. I always come away from an exchange feeling positive.

I find the whole idea of speaking with an Ascended Group through a Channel totally validating when OMNI responds with thoughts or ideas that echo a thought that I personally have had at a prior time and did not share with the Channel. They often suggest avenues I might follow that are echoed in a Daily Meditation or card I later read. It is almost like their words inspire me and then they send a sign to assist me. This way I know I did not mis-hear or misinterpret a suggestion.

I am blessed and grateful to be acquainted with these wonderful energies called OMNI and the Channel who said ‘Yes’.”

Roseanne Heinrich, Ohio

“Bonnie is a healthy, honest, earnest and highly enlightened person who is committed to helping others. She’s a sincere, very real and legitimate trance channel…a Lightworker, if you will, of the highest order. As a channel and a person still blossoming and moving toward her own highest self, she’s putting a lot of love out there and doing so with inspirational courage and grace. And the messages coming through her are really wonderful……. and have been very helpful to me and my journey. . Great energy!

All of the people who are ready to take their next step toward personal fulfillment, with Bonnie’s gentle assistance, are finding their way to her.”

Thomas A. Newnam, York Pa

“Bonnie has a special gift in presenting the message in a clear, insightful way. Meeting Bonnie (and Omni) has changed my way of thinking and my way of feeling in almost every day to day situation. I feel blessed to have experienced the love that we all have waiting for us. All we need to do is ask!”

Sandy Shimmel, York  Pa

“I have had one direct contact with Omni, speaking through Bonnie, and I can say, without a doubt, the issue that I had been wrestling with for fifty years was relieved instantly. The feeling was palpable. I cannot explain or articulate…..it was gone. I am still amazed! I remain, a believer in the unbelievable!”

Lynne Yancha, Mt Pleasant Mills  Pa

“Bonnie has a calming and peaceful nature about her. Omni answered some of my questions while I was still thinking them. I truly enjoyed the reading.”

S. P. Windsor  Pa

“Bonnie is truly phenomenal. The things she communicated to me were things that could not have possibly come to her other than through some external source, and in realizing this, I am certain that she is phenomenally gifted. She was warm, welcoming, caring and kind. She made me feel so comfortable, even when difficult things had to be discussed during the session. She has played an integral role in my life, and I mean that. She has validated and confirmed much of what I have already known and been told, and has prepared me for what is ahead. I am forever grateful and indebted to her work. It is an honor and privilege to have met with her.”

B. W. Lancaster Pa

“Your Creative Transformation Cards create little miracles of realization when we all use them! Thank you so very much for all the help they continue to be in living my life! ”

Linda Sommer, York Pa