This has been such a long and rewarding journey for me, and I feel that I’m finally ready to start sharing some insights.

Many years ago (we won’t go any further down that rabbit hole 😉 when Bev and I were doing events with our Creative Transformation Cards, we collected email addresses.
Those emails are still stored here. So any that are viable, I’m assuming, will get this message.

If you have no interest in receiving my blog entries please feel free to unsubscribe from the mailing list using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

And if you are, and know anyone who might like to share in this expanded process, please pass it on.

I’m also trying to update my website to bring it into my current way of being and thinking. This might be gradual, so please be patient with me. It isn’t easy to describe something that language is being created around in the moment.

The first post is a Tribute to my dear friend Kate Carlson who passed into the invisible in June. She talks to me now, anytime I ask, as does my husband Mike. My head is usually full of conversation!

Thanks for having been a part of this amazing journey, at some point in time. Hopefully, we can continue expanding and evolving together.

Much love,


So, what do you think ?